5 Recovery Tattoos You Should Avoid At All Costs

Of course, it is ultimately up to the individual to decide whether getting a sobriety tattoo is the best idea for them. Having trouble labeling herself as a recovering addict, she struggled with her first bout sobriety tattoos of sobriety, which eventually ended. Tip your artist just like you would a server at a restaurant, between 15% and 35%. Some people set a baseline of 20% and add or subtract based on the overall experience.

  • Social media is especially helpful for tattoo artists since it’s an easy way to display one’s artwork to the public.
  • A lotus flower is often symbolized as something which helps a person to rise above their temptation and become a better human being.
  • As we’ve seen countless 10,000 supply NFT drops sell out in minutes over the past year, Snuffy’s projections for his forthcoming drop may turn out to be spot on.
  • Finally, make sure the design is appropriate for where you will be getting it placed.

We all know that a tattoo means something special, but what does it mean when the subject is sobriety? We take a look at some of the best sobriety tattoos we’ve found so far. Unique Sobriety Tattoos for Guys will help you find the best tattoos for sobriety. You can find tattoo designs that are perfect for those who want to get the sober look but still express their uniqueness through tattoos. Some who are proud of their accomplishment and aren’t shy about discussing their past, get tattoos that help mark the days, months, or even years that they have been free of alcohol or drugs. This is a progressive tattoo that builds as you move forward, similar to the coins that can be earned for AA. These few words help remind the person of both his or her limitations and strengths.

The AA Sobriety Triangle

His post had nearly a million views, and had been shared 20,000 times. One person who had shared Boettcher’s chain-ribbon tattoo image got almost 7 million views on their post. The next day, the post was showing up in Australia and England among other places. Suddenly he was getting messages https://ecosoberhouse.com/ from tattoo artists all over the world. When he posted the photo of his new ribbon tattoo design last summer, it had been seven years since being sent to prison. He now owns his own successful tattoo shop in Merrill, Inked Horizons, where he specializes in a unique watercolor style.

sobriety recovery tattoos

Boettcher is building on that, and holding a much larger recovery event this May. At 19 years old, Boettcher was sent to prison for armed burglary, among other things.

Meaningful Sobriety Tattoos

However, in the event that a person relapses, this sobriety tattoo may instead be a painful reminder of their initial failure to become substance-free. The process of recovering from drinking is a very personal one, and in several cases, your tattoo is as well. The Sobriety Circle & Triangle Symbol, is the symbol used by Alcoholics Anonymous. Depression tattoos are extremely personal, and many people prefer to design their own.

sobriety recovery tattoos

Would you prefer that this to be a private moment you are commemorating for yourself? That’s really the only limit to how much skin you can cover with your recovery tattoo.

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