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To The Wave

For over half a mile you will gradually descend through a picturesque sage field with soft sand underfoot. The trail is easy to follow and you can always look for footprints in the sand for reassurance. Part of the fun of hiking The Wave is the mystery of finding the route. If you don’t want to ruin the adventure, skip right past the image below. Bear in mind there will be a rush in the morning and you might be better off going later in the day. It depends on your plans before and after hiking, whether you’re hiking for photography primarily, or if you’re just looking to beat the crowds. But remember you can’t apply for a Wave permit from Grand Canyon South or North Rim.

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Liz Hernandez Joins 94.7 The Wave For Mornings.

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For one, the sheer number of applications received each year is insane. In fact, “The Wave” To The Wave saw 170,000 permits applications for the year’s 7,300 allocated permits in 2017 alone.

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We were just hiking near Mesa, Arizona at the wave cave and the trailhead was littered with dog crap bags. This is the kind of nonsense that makes these special places harder to access. Also remember that the https://wave-accounting.net/ Wave is only one of the incredible hikes in this Southern Utah region. For more tripping planning inspiration, check out these Utah bucket list hikes and read our guide to the best things to do in Kanab, Utah.

How far is Sedona from The Wave?

The distance between Sedona and The Wave is 149 miles. The road distance is 208.5 miles.

There is a company that takes guided tours to The Wave. Do you know about any company that you might recommend? Permits are so very difficult to get, so I found a Grand Circle Tour company that is charging $200 for a day tour of The Wave. There is little to no reception, and people have died on this hike. Oh, and the Wave doesn’t have a monopoly on Coyote Buttes North’s picturesque. Leave some time to explore nearby dinosaur tracks, Melody Arch, Top Rock, Fatali’s Boneyard, Sand Cove and the Second Wave.

Daily Permit Geofence system in the Wave lottery

It is especially interesting how the rock formations change drastically the farther you venture away from the parking lot. There are so many interesting things to see at every turn that it’s impossible to follow any kind of route. North Coyote Buttes, ArizonaIf you lose the daily lottery for the North Buttes, you can try your luck for the in-person South Buttes drawing. The lottery process works as a walk-in lottery at the Kanab Center one day before your hike. However, only 10 permits are available daily for the South Buttes walk-in lottery. What’s important, the Wave online lottery opens up four months in advance of your trip date. And you may enter the lottery at any time during a calendar month, so you have the whole month to apply.

It will take you approximately 45 minutes to get to the trailhead from Kanab. The weather will be more pleasant early in the morning so that you won’t get tired. And you will have more time to stay in the rock formation and take photos. On the form, you must provide the names and surnames, and dates of birth of all the members of your group wishing to hike.

The Wave AZ Hiking Walkthrough

As a result of the updated daily lottery permit process, you can now apply for your permit to hike The Wave from Page and not lose any time from your US Southwest itinerary. As of March 15, 2022, there is a daily online lottery process using a mobile-based geofence system. Applicants must download the recreation.gov app to submit the daily lottery application. The shortest hike to the Wave begins at the Wire Pass Trailhead, about 8.3 miles (13.4 km) south of U.S. During and after a storm the road may be impassable, even with a four-wheel-drive vehicle. The Wire Pass Trailhead includes a wide parking lot with restrooms, but no water.

To The Wave

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